Unrivaled Entrepreneur Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss business visionary and business official who grew up in a area of Switzerland known as Freiburg. Bauer was employed in the bank managing game for almost 20 years. Being a highly talented and capable individual, Baur went from being a commercial novice at a service company called UBS to achieving an official spot as a member of the board for a prominent bank.


While in the profession Baur managed to discover the many positives of beginning your own corporation. He likewise discovered that starting one wouldn’t be easy, it was actually something demanded skill and experience. Being again,a highly capable individual this was something that Baur had in his possession, the skill to do what needed to be done. Baur at that moment, decided he wanted to put those skills to good work and counsel aspiring business starters that income wasn’t all that mattered. Mike Baur’s extensive knowledge of business-starting plus the assistance that the company Swiss Startup factory provides, would become an invaluable opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to bring about a significant change in their personal lives through the starting of their companies.


To successfully achieve his objective, Baur became the co-founder of an interesting corporation called Swiss Startup Factory.Through the cooperation he received from his business partner, Max Meister, the dream that Baur had could finally become something…more. The way this project would work was by providing assistance to Aspiring businessman/entrepreneurs by delivering funding to promising individuals. These individuals would receive special counseling and guidance from specially designed “cultivation courses” for the duration of 3 months.They would be assigned to work stations located in Zurich, these eager beginners wouldn’t even have to pay fees for their accommodations. These informational courses were constructed to properly teach them the skill of retailing goods of all kinds on an international level as well as achieving funds from promising investors. Finally, they also have the opportunity to communicate with other tech entrepreneurs. These things are what drastically increase the chance of their accomplishments in the remote future.



All these special programs and opportunities for the youth are made available because of Swiss Startup Factory, and the work that Mike does there. Baur obviously invests hours upon hours of time in this accelerator program. Going from novice to Co-Founder and Director of Swiss Startup Associations, Mike Baur is certainly unrivaled when it comes to Entrepreneur success.