Friendship Wanted With Active Seniors

It was another long day of doing nothing all by myself. Sure, I could read or wait to see what the mailman brought. This was getting so tedious, though. I finally admitted to myself that the time had come. It was time to move on.

Ted, my husband of 40 years, had passed away two years ago. I realized that I was through mourning. I still wanted to live. Ted would’ve wanted me to live. So, I decided to make a move from our house that we had shared and raised our children in. I wanted to be around other seniors who were enjoying life. I wanted the Manse on Marsh after browsing the blog a little bit.

At the Manse on Marsh, located on California’s sunny coast, I would have my own place. No sharing a room with a stranger for me! I could choose between a studio, a 1-bedroom, or even a cottage if I liked, and other reviews showed that too. Turns out, the studio was perfect for me. The furnishings were beautiful and the decor was tasteful.

Here, in the new place, I am now enjoying getting to know my neighbors. These lovely men and women wanted the independence that I have. They found out that a full, active lifestyle with the security of a knowledgeable helpful staff is the perfect combination for living. Horseback riding, shopping excursions, yoga, trips to the beach- we enjoy it all at the Manse on Marsh. If we need a little help with dressing or medications, it is there for us at the touch of a button.

The friendly staff come and clean for me once-a-week. Bed linens are changed and the place is spruced up. Daily, they come in and make my bed. My laundry is done. Trash is taken out. Everything is handled for me. All I have to do is enjoy my new life in my new home with my new friends.

Meals are wonderful at the Manse on Marsh, too. Professional chefs prepare tasty options that are served in the elegant dining room or at the Bistro. Enjoy fresh-baked pastries, coffee and fruit throughout the day. Sit and talk with your friends. Sip some wine with your meal.

Come and see if The Manse on Marsh meets your requirements for a full, active lifestyle. They have a Twitter that’s easy to follow, and a website where they can be contacted at just about any time.