Unicorns Unite: Doe Deere’s Beauty Tips to Fantastically Stand Out


I’ve never been one to fit into the status quo with my fashion. While other kids in elementary school were rocking sneakers picked out by their moms, I was creating the saddle shoe trend; one where anyone who was cool in my school had to be wearing saddle shoes. As I got into middle school, I noticed all of the girls wearing name brand clothing from the hottest stores in the mall. My hottest store? The thrift shop. Some of my best finds included a pair of pink pants, a sunny yellow crop top, and a pair of neon sneakers my mom cringed at. Yet, my clothes were unique and bold–different than the other girls at my school. In high school, I was told by my peers that dressing unique was a bad thing. So, I dressed even more differently. Now, in college, I break the ugg boot and sweatpants stereotype every day by rocking brightly colored sneakers with dresses. Standing out isn’t easy, but neither is hiding the beauty that we all have inside of us. Doe Deere points out this importance through her new line of beauty cosmetics.

Doe Deere, unicorn queen, fashion expert and beauty extraordinaire, is breaking societal fashion and beauty norms with her new position as CEO of Lime Crime Makeup Line. Her new line of makeup proves that neutral color boredom and regular makeup routines are not for her; in other words, it’s time for her customers to experiment with breaking the rules. She lists seven rules that are essential to ultimately break every beauty rule in the book.

Remember those girls that looked like a clown in school for wearing a smoky eye with a super red lip? Turns out, theses girls may have just been missing the mark. Deere says that it’s essential to experiment with bright colors and it’s totally okay to wear a bold eye with a bold lip–Just, do it tastefully. It’s important to mix and match fun colors to create the ultimate look. Even though it may take a bit of experimenting to get it to just the right combination, this rule is definitely one to be breaking.

Speaking of bright colors, mix and match! The brighter they are, the more fun your look will be. While it might be terrifying that you may be too bright, Doe says that the best way to wear as many bright colors as possible is to coordinate. She relates that she tries to coordinate her hair and makeup to her clothing, dabbling with a couple of different shades at once. Her favorites are pink and green, peach and periwinkle, and hot pink and lavender.

Another clothing trend to pick up on? Patterns. While patterns often invoke headaches when paired together, Doe says that it’s possible to do it in just a way that you’re standing out for your style, and not chaos. Patterns are fun! She says the easiest way to pair patterns together is to pay attention to color and print. If the colors coordinate, there is a chance that your patterns will too.

Loving your new pastel dye but afraid of wearing similar colors? Deere implies that looking like an Easter egg is for the weak. Why? Colored hair is the chance to experiment with lots of different colors. As aforementioned, it’s possible to coordinate with bright colors. Pastel hair looks great with pastel colors. For example, Lavender with a pop of sky blue.

Lastly, have fun with your clothing. We don’t need to dress our age or wear a ball gown to a ball. The most important thing is to be creative and have fun with color. There’s no time for repressing your inner brightness. Break the rules already!