How Is Alexei Beltyukov Furthering Education?

Alexei Beltyukov’s new SOLVY program is the latest in education technology that was released at the most recent EdSurge conference. Alexei is a brilliant businessman who uses his business acumen to invest in wonderful new projects. There are many new projects on his plate, but SOLVY has been created to help students who could be like Alexei one day. His commitment to education is the impetus behind this project, and SOLVY will change the way teachers and students approach previously-frustrating homework assignments.

#1: SOLVY Manages Homework For Everyone

SOLVY is a program Alexei helped create that manages homework assignments for both the teachers and the students. Teachers may enter their homework assignments into the system electronically, and students may access those assignments at any time. The assignments may be completed online, or the student may print the assignments to complete at home. Teachers may grade the assignments online, and the grades may be returned to students quickly.

#2: The Portal Is Available To Anyone

The SOLVY portal is open to anyone who has an Internet connection, and the SOLVY portal helps create a safe place for students to work. Teachers may send homework to students at any time, and a stream of comments may be sent to students any time they are needed. Someone who is interested in learning will find greater feedback, and the teacher will not feel as though they cannot offer the proper attention to each student.

#3: Alexei Has Created Expandable Software

Alexei is a wise businessman, and he has created software that can expand to the size of a small schoolhouse or a large school district. A large school district may put the software on every computer in the district, and teachers may begin using the software immediately. There are several different ways for people to use the program, and students may open an account that their teachers may use. Teachers who are approached about using SOLVY will find a new work to manage homework, and the portal will remain open for anyone to use at any time.

Alexei Beltyukov has committed his most recent project with education as shows, and this project has created a way for people to learn more with in every class. Alexei wants teachers and students to feel free to work within SOLVY at any time, and his program allows for interaction between the teacher and the student that may not happen in class.  His official website has more.

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