Life Line Screening – A New Way To Take Control Of Your Health

Life Line Screening is one of the best health care screening services offered for preventative health issues. Their specialized team of physicians and technicians can help you identify health issues before they even start. They dedicate their time and efforts to utilizing top of the line technology and state of the art instruments that are highly advanced to detect health issues that may arise or have already happened. Their main office is headquarted in Austin, Texas, but they have many offices located throughout the states and can help you locate one that is close to your place of location. The also offer specific detailed screening packages with a multitude of results and variety. They will review your medical history, current issues and family history before recommending one of their non-invasive preventative procedures. They understand that each person is different and has different needs. That is why they are entirely dedicated to providing right testing necessary for your health care needs, along with the right timing.

In addition to their expertise and education, they offer three different types of preventative screenings that are used to determine where issues may arise or have already taken place. They offer an ultrasound machine (also called sonography) that uses advanced medical technology that send sound waves throughout the body. The sound waves are directed to the place of concern and an image is revealed to show where their may be issues. They can use an ultrasound to detect many health concerns such as different types of aneurysms, carotid artery disease along with other arterial diseases. The ultrasound performed can also check for osteoporosis risks and aid in prevention. An EKG is performed on patients that may have experienced or have past family history of a stroke or heart disease. The EKG can detect irregular heart rhythm that may lead to other issues within the body. The other test that they perform is a simple, non-invasive test that involves a few drops of blood to determine a list of health concerns. The results can be presented to the patient within 10 minutes and can give them answers concerning their cholesterol, glucose levels and much more.

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