Russia Curbs George Soros’ Influence.



George Soros is perhaps one of the most selfless and dedicated philanthropists around. He is the Founder and presiding chair of the Open Society Foundations. If you are not conversant with this group, it’s a network of partners and community-based organizations that do charitable work. These charitable organizations have spread around every continent gaining influence in over a hundred nations.


George Soros is also a respected scholar, thinker, and influencer of public opinion. He came up with the idea of an Open Society after observing and intervening in cases of oppression on various occasions. By then, Soros was a hedge fund manager with a growing career. He was making headlines in New York, and London and investors rushed to him to receive advice and make deals.


George Soros counts himself lucky to have achieved tremendous success in life. Five decades ago, he was an active student at the London School of Economics. A premier institution that produced the best brains in the world at the time. Some years before then, Soros was a young man in Budapest with a passion for education and a big dream. The struggles he encountered in his early life taught him great life lessons.


Soros acknowledges the need to accept the truths of life and the fact that nobody can understand all aspects of life. As a result, one must have a free thinking mind. A collection of such thinkers in society enables the people to appreciate diversity and, therefore, offer equal opportunities to all. Such ideological views form part of philosophical tenets behind the Open Society Foundations.


Furthermore, George realized the need to spread the idea across the world hence his retirement from hedge fund administration to philanthropy. He made substantial gains in establishing open societies around the world. However, it comes at a price that is controversy and criticism. For instance, his involvement in condemning the communist order in the Eastern bloc haunts him till today.


Being a pro-democrat, many of his projects in Ukraine and Northern Russia have been achieving monumental success. However, the Russian government does not support these ideas hence a conflict of interest. In 2015, the government had seen enough and acted by listing two of Soros’ projects as security threats.


The ban has recently forced authorities to start operations to wipe out any signs of the organizations. The latest victim was the library at Vorkuta Mining and Economic College where books donated by Soros were put on fire.

Friendship Wanted With Active Seniors

It was another long day of doing nothing all by myself. Sure, I could read or wait to see what the mailman brought. This was getting so tedious, though. I finally admitted to myself that the time had come. It was time to move on.

Ted, my husband of 40 years, had passed away two years ago. I realized that I was through mourning. I still wanted to live. Ted would’ve wanted me to live. So, I decided to make a move from our house that we had shared and raised our children in. I wanted to be around other seniors who were enjoying life. I wanted the Manse on Marsh after browsing the blog a little bit.

At the Manse on Marsh, located on California’s sunny coast, I would have my own place. No sharing a room with a stranger for me! I could choose between a studio, a 1-bedroom, or even a cottage if I liked, and other reviews showed that too. Turns out, the studio was perfect for me. The furnishings were beautiful and the decor was tasteful.

Here, in the new place, I am now enjoying getting to know my neighbors. These lovely men and women wanted the independence that I have. They found out that a full, active lifestyle with the security of a knowledgeable helpful staff is the perfect combination for living. Horseback riding, shopping excursions, yoga, trips to the beach- we enjoy it all at the Manse on Marsh. If we need a little help with dressing or medications, it is there for us at the touch of a button.

The friendly staff come and clean for me once-a-week. Bed linens are changed and the place is spruced up. Daily, they come in and make my bed. My laundry is done. Trash is taken out. Everything is handled for me. All I have to do is enjoy my new life in my new home with my new friends.

Meals are wonderful at the Manse on Marsh, too. Professional chefs prepare tasty options that are served in the elegant dining room or at the Bistro. Enjoy fresh-baked pastries, coffee and fruit throughout the day. Sit and talk with your friends. Sip some wine with your meal.

Come and see if The Manse on Marsh meets your requirements for a full, active lifestyle. They have a Twitter that’s easy to follow, and a website where they can be contacted at just about any time.

Insight on Commodity Markets

According to Sam Tabar, investors should conduct adequate research before investing in commodities and stocks. The right decision would depend on exploring the history of a specific commodity, in order to predict its performance in future. As an experienced strategic investor, Sam is definitely informed what should be looked at when deciding the right commodity investment. He advises investors to avoid poorly managed funds because they are not favorable when focusing on your return on investment. Tabar noted that a certain company in the gas industry has its commodities fall by more than 75 percent hence creating huge losses to investors who invested early.

To avoid such instances, Tabar is asking investors to conduct proper due diligence and foresight, so that they can avoid making losses in future. The only way investors can make safe investment is by investing in commodities that are properly managed. Sam believes that the more research an investor performs, the better it would be for him/her. It would provide the investor with an insight as well as expertise knowledge about the market performance over a period of time. In addition, you get an idea on how commodities are managed.

Sam Tabar, as a famous attorney and investment advisor, has vast knowledge and experience when it comes to investments. Sam is based in New York City, and he began working as an Associate at Skadden after he graduated from Columbia Law School. At this firm, he counseled clients and potential investors on formation and structure of hedge funds, investment management contracts, side letters, issues concerning employment as well as compliance and regulatory issues. In 2004, he moved to SPARX Group Co., where he climbed the ladder to become the Managing Director and also was in charge of business development division. He later left the company and joined Bank of America to serve as Director and Head of Capital Strategy where he was in charge of Asia Pacific Region.

In 2013, CrunchBase shows that Sam Tabar returned to the legal industry and became Senior Associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP, where he focused on hedge funds, formation and structure of fund and also issues relating to compliance and regulation of funds. He left the company mid 2014 and invested in a startup company, THINX. This is a company that targets poor women in Africa by providing them with reusable sanitary towels through a partnership with AFRIpads.  Sam also started his own fund for African charities through GoFundMe.

Now in 2016, Sam currently holds a position as the CEO of FullCycle Energy Fund.  He also maintains a popular presence on Instagram, where he enjoys taking pictures and exploring new camera techniques as an amateur photographer.

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Why Is The Forefront Capital Income Trust A Major Breakthrough?

Brad Reifler has run Forefront Capital with wisdom and intellect ever since its founding, and Brad has done quite well in securing dividends for his clients. Investors who work with Forefront Capital walk away happy from their investments more often than not, but Brad wants to reach out to a new kind of customer. Brad wants to reach people who are not millionaire investors, and this article explains why his income trust is such a breakthrough in the investment industry.

#1: The Income Trust Is For Ordinary People

Brad spends most of his time working with certified investors who have a million dollars in net worth or make over $250,000 a year. These investors are typically very safe, and they are the gold standard on Wall Street. Brad wants to expand by giving a fund over to investors who do not have massive resources from which to draw. The income trust is open to anyone who wants to make an investments with a proper Wall Street brokerage house.

#2: Will The Income Trust Work?

Brad will structure the income trust in a way that will allow it to perform well. Every hedge fund in the world is built to meet the needs of its investors, and Brad will work closely with his new investors to make the income trust as profitable as possible. Brad has made a living adjusting hedge funds to create profits, and he will do the same with his new clients in the income trust.

#3: Why Is Brad Making This Change?

Brad is making a change to his investment company with the help of regular people around America. He has written tips for investment for the common man int he past.  But he’s taking it even further this time. He has received many requests from average Americans who want to invest, and Brad was tired of turning people away because they did not have the money to invest millions at a time. Brad has created a brand new way for people to invest that is guaranteed to provide returns better than any the average American has seen.

#4: How Do People Get Involved?

Anyone may get involved with the Forefront Capital income trust at any time. Investors must contact Brad at Forefront Capital today to learn more about the income trust, and investors may begin by setting up an account with Forefront Capital. Forefront is a leader in investment on Wall Street, and a simple account today could turn into even larger returns in the future.

The Forefront Capital income trust is the first attempt by a major firm on Wall Street to reach out to the average American. American investors who only have a few dollars to invest may work with Brad Reifler and his Forefront Capital team to begin investing for the future in small increments.  Follow Brad on Twitter if you’d like more information about his career.

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Kyle Bass Speaks Out Against Patents

In the news as of recently, there have been several scandals that have involved the high and low cost of pharmaceutical drugs. As this becomes an issue, hedge fund managers such as Kyle Bass continue to address this issue as well as the importance to get rid of patents on pharmaceutical drugs, though some of them continue to be just as scandalous themselves. Kyle Bass is a hedge fund manager who founded his hedge fund, Hayman Capital Management in 2006. His hedge fund firm earned a fortune in 2008 after he correctly guessed the financial crisis of 2008 that involved the plummeting prices of real estate. His knowledge of the industry has made him a force not to be underestimated.

Kyle Bass has recently begun to speak out against pharmaceutical patents that have made generic drugs overpriced and therefor less available to the public. Mr. Bass, by mid-November of 2015, filed 33 separate reports that requested a review of the patents that have been placed on the pharmaceutical drugs. Specifically, Mr. Bass would like 13 specific drugs to be reviewed that company from 12 different companies.  Although he has been accused of taking advantage of the same loopholes.

Mr. Bass has been labeled as an expert within the investment industry. Mr. Bass, along with his associate, have bought several stocks that are patented. He believes that only products that show true innovation should be patented. Otherwise, it is a waste of time of government regulation and spending.

One of the patents that Mr. Bass and his associate, Mr. Spangenberg, are opposed to the most is for Propofol. This particular drug is an anesthetic drug. This particular drug is used in 80 percent of nation-wide operations. Despite the fact that it is a highly demanded drug, the patent on the drug makes the price abnormally high for the popularity of it. The patent approval for the drug was extended in 2013 to extend for 12 more years.

Mr. Bass comments on the fact that patents are for the most part extended when the product is about the expire. When the door is about to generic makers, this is when the drug is most likely to be patented in order to keep the price of the drug high. Mr. Bass also notes the irony in the fact that a pharmaceutical drug company is offering drugs to better the lives of the public, but the pharmaceutical company wants to keep the price of the specific drug as high as possible.

With Mr. Bass’ mission of eliminating the patents on certain drugs, he has launched a new campaign to do so. Mr. Bass’ new campaign is non-profit and is funded through his own pocket. In return for his funding, the only desire that Mr. Bass has is to end the unjust patents that are given to generic pharmaceutical drugs.

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