Using Wikipedia As An Online Marketing Tool

While Wikipedia is known mostly as an educational tool, business owners severely underestimate the power that the website has as an online marketing machine. Because Wikipedia is an online collaborative encyclopedia, it does not hire Wikipedia writers to create its content but rather is an open source, free-to-edit website. This means one’s own or one’s business could potentially magnify marketing power simply by creating a Wikipedia page.

Benefits and opportunities abound when creating a Wikipedia page. Google gives Wikipedia high standings on search result pages, so by creating a page one has already boosted SEO ratings significantly. Normally, SEO services cost a pretty penny, but Wikipedia’s built-in search engine boosting is entirely free of cost. This enhanced search result visibility could net an increase in sales, as the company or person is significantly easier to find. Furthermore, having a page dedicated to a business will add a credible source and trustworthy Internet presence for that business. A consumer’s opinion and belief in a company’s reputation will be much higher after finding a Wikipedia entry for the business.

Of course, creating a Wikipedia page is difficult due to the strict writing guidelines enforced on the website. New users must have a threshold edit number before creating a page, and company promotion will result in page deletion. It would be wise to hire Wikipedia writers and editors like those at Get Your Wiki. This company is a source of knowledgeable, veteran Wikipedia writers who will take the headache out of creating a page while still enabling the endless benefits and opportunities for one’s business or online presence with a page created by professionals at Wikipedia writing services like Get Your Wiki.